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Service Department

A custom-designed software control system allows EPI to log all customer issues and work orders by property, unit number and date. A daily report allows the Service Department staff to follow-up on "open items" and record the status of all follow-ups, following the resolution of an item that is "closed out" and conveyed to a "history" report.

After the resolution of an item, the owner is personally contacted to be sure they (the owner) is satisfied that the issue has been resolved. The Board of Directors also receives a copy of the "opens" and "history" reports which display the status of all pending and completed service requisitions. Association members and Board members can also call our Service Department to determine the status of any pending work order.

Using secure password access, homeowners can initiate new work orders, check the status of a pending work order, or request a call from a Service Representative.

Click on an image below to view a sample report:

EPI Management - Work Order Report Sample